Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paperwork refiled

Now I hurry up and wait. I refiled the paperwork this morning. Hopefully this time it's all filled out correctly and there are enough copies and staples. I was tempted to submit 10 copies with 20 staples each just because it's so annoying. It could take a long time to get it back this time, up to or more than 6 weeks! This is never ending! As far as divorces go ours has been relatively simple and this has been a pain in the ass. I can't imagine how convoluted and confusing it must be for people that have complicated divorces with kids and houses and property.
The woman at the help desk that I talked to this morning is also getting divorced and she said that getting married is so easy and getting divorced is so difficult! It's like breaking a contract so there is a sh*t load of paperwork and she will never get married again because of it. Does that mean she just assumes that she would have to deal with getting divorced again? Who knows. Anyhow, just another reason to work hard to have a healthy marriage and avoid all of this.

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