Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wonder where your food comes from?

Wanna know where the cukes in your shopping cart were grown? Calmly check the label. The Feds now require Country of Origin Labels (COOL) on more foods than ever, giving you pieces of info for peace of mind.
Buying food grown closer to home means it probably took less transport energy (and its associated pollution, such as CO2 from trucks) to get from the farm to the supermarket.Staying chill. COOL reduces health risks - you'll know what foods to avoid when country-related recalls (like the Mexican tomato one earlier this year) happen.Zenning out on American goods. Opt for labels with USA on 'em to help stimulate our economy.

Note: Only big retailers (think supermarkets) have to comply, so you probably won't find COOL at your corner market.USDA - everything you'd ever want to know about COOL (and some stuff you probably don't); check here (PDF) for a list of the foods that require COOL and ones that don't.

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