Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cal football and camping!

I had a great weekend! The activities were fun but I got to spend the time with some of my favorite people! On Saturday I took BART to Berkeley and met up with one of my best friends, her husband, her parents and another mutual friend. My girlfriends husband is an alum of Berkeley so we went to the opening game of the football season. We went to a pub a couple blocks away from campus and had drinks and lunch. The place was packed with young people and quite a lot of good looking guys! ;) Afterwards we headed over to campus and walked up to where the stadium is. We hung out on a grassy hill before the game, it was a great day, it was overcast but not cold and we people watched and chatted. The building that was behind us was fabulous but I didn't get a picture of it because I left my camera card at home. The pics are courtesy of my girlfriend.

The band playing at halftime.

Sunday morning we went to the Campbell farmer's market where D talked me into trying my first ever oyster.

We left Sunday afternoon and headed up to Big Basin State Park. I had never been to this particular park and had always wanted to and neither had they. I don't have much camping equipment these days so they generously loaned me a tent to sleep in and a couple other items that I needed.
I'm working on my wood chopping skills
We went for a walk to see some of the biggest trees in the whole park. This was either the mother of the forest, or the father of the forest.Playing dominoes

We made a friend that later turned out to sell us out to his friends. The first night this little guy came around and was curious enough to get up on our table while we were sitting on one of the benches facing the other way. That night there were a lot of people at the campgrounds so after we put all of our food away I don't think he was too interested. However last night we were the only people in the campground. He came around again and was pretty bold but he was still a pretty docile raccoon. After we put away our food last night we let him crawl up on the table and explore. He walked around and checked things out and left. We made some smore's and he came back.

I chased him away while holding my smore. I didn't want him near my tent.
When we went to bed the raccoons went crazy! The rangers told us we could put our food in our tents at night (we were in a walk in site so putting it in the car wouldn't work) and they wouldn't bother us. Well the first night when there were a lot of people there it wasn't a problem but last night we were the only people there so they call came to us. The actually opened my friends tent door and they put a hole in the tent too! At one point as I was drifing off to sleep I felt something by my feet, I looked up and they had removed the t-shirt I was using to plug up the hole where the zippers didn't meet and my tent was open! I didn't even have food in it. We were ambushed by raccoons! I had a great time hanging out with my friends, thanks M & D for letting me tag along this weekend!
I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight free of raccoons!


Stefanie K. said...

OMG, I would have been FREAKING out when I realized they were coming after me in the tent!!! AHHH!!!

* said...

Thats my hat! I'm glad you had fun! Skype me soon