Monday, September 14, 2009

My first official day of being a dog volunteer!

Today I went to the Humane Society for my first day of solo volunteering. My job right now is to log 10 hours of dog socializing before I can move on to the Potty Squad. At this time I can't take the dogs outside of their rooms but once I complete my 10 hours and additional training I can start doing potty walks! Today I hung out with 4 dogs. My first one was Clarissa and she is a bigger dog than I am used to but she was really sweet. Each time you go into a dog's room you need to check their clipboard to see what is going on with them, if they have any problems, or things you need to know. The clipboard also tells you what skills they are working on and what things you can do with them. Clarissa has "sit" down so I tried to work on "down" with her. It's all about the treats. You can get them to go down if you lure them down with a treat. I don't know yet how to teach a dog to sit if they don't already know how. Some of them just need to learn their name so if you call them and they respond then they get a treat. One of the dogs I was with today needs to learn how to calm down before she can learn anything else so she got a treat if she just sat still. The treats are mushy and the ones I bought smell like really pungent beef jerky. That part is pretty gross. I enjoyed myself and just tried to get used to the procedures and find a rythm.

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