Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just an update

Well today was interesting and eventually good but it started out just a bit rough. I slept a bit late due to having stayed out way past my bedtime last night. I actually went out, to bars, and danced...waiting, waiting, waiting for the gasp! Yes, I actually went out where there were men, and was social, albeit more so with my girlfriends than the men. There was one in particular that I wouldn't have minded dancing with me but I had just as much fun with the ladies. My friend Molly is getting married next weekend so we celebrated with a surprise bachelorette party. A good time was had by all!
Anyways, back to today. I had plans to go to the International Gem and Bead show in San Mateo but my car had other thoughts as to how the day was going to play out. It died. Well the battery did anyways. It was so dead that the locks didn't even work! AAA had to come and give me a jump so I could get to the auto parts store for a new battery. $100 later I was on my way to the bead show but much later than I had planned. I wanted to go hang out in Half Moon Bay afterwards but I didn't have time.
I got some super cute things that I can't wait to make. I'll be doing the jewelry show again this year that I did last year but this time I'm not quite as out of it and will hopefully pull together a better looking table. I have some ideas that I'm already putting into motion.
On the way home I stopped at Ikea to make a return, if you are ever feeling really close to killing yourself just go to Ikea on a weekend and it'll do the job for you. Madness I tell you!
On a different note, I am absolutely loving this weather we are having! It's gray and windy and is beginning to smell like fall! It probably won't last until tomorrow but it's wonderful now. There are even some leaved crunching underfoot! I had soup and cornbread for dinner, I was inspired to make chili but have other things I want to do tonight. I just wanted to share this photo, it sort of speaks of fall, apples and leaves and warm enough temperatures to be outside.
Yesterday afternoon I attended dog volunteering 201 at the Humane Society. I learned how to enter and exit the rooms, how to deal with dogs that have different personalities, how to teach them behaviors that make them more adoptable and lots of other stuff! I have to log 10 hours of volunteer time before I can take the 250 class where I learn how to take them out for potty walks. It was somewhat overwhelming but good!

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