Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potty squad!

On Sunday I attended another training session at the Humane Society, this one was so that I could start taking the dogs out for potty breaks. I got a chance to ask a lot of questions during this training and one of those questions was how much are typical adoption fees. When you are ready to get a dog, or bunny or cat for that matter, I highly reccomend going to HSSV. Adoption fees for a dog that is not a puppy are only around $150 or so, possibly less. This cost includes testing, vaccinations and spay or neutering which could cost you upwards of $400 if you got a dog elsewhere. I believe they test for other things as well. The dedication that goes into getting every animal adopted is wonderful. HSSV does not euthanize any animals to make space, an animal can live there until it finds it's forever home. The only time an animal is put down is if it's the best for the animal. A group of people have to come to an agreement before that will happen, and a lot of paperwork has to be signed. They do everything they can to keep that from happening.
Go visit the new facility! If you have towels or blankets that you don't want anymore they take donations of those, as well as food dishes, toys and other stuff for the animals.

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yogamama said...

When you come home this weekend - I have some towels to donate.