Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ok, so a while back I posted about these metal wall flowers that I think are super cool. They only come in white and black and I don't exactly have a budget for things like that right now so I made my own!

Total cost about $4 for the paper. I just stuck them on the wall in a random pattern for now but as I add other things to this wall I'll add or subtract and rearrange them. I ordered a smaller print of this screenprintand it will go on this wall somewhere. The seller was great and offered to make me a copy of their original larger print for much less money. It should hopefully be here in the next couple of days, I'm excited! A big thank you to Molly for lending me her drill so I could finally hang my giraffe print in a better spot on the wall. With a very limited budget my place is slowly coming together just as I want it.
What do you think of the paper flowers?

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