Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving recap

Hi all! I'm home from a rather quick and great Thanksgiving week! It actually wasn't all that quick but with stuff going on every day it felt like it went really quick. I got to Yuba on Tuesday evening. Wednesday I spent the day baking with my mom. She made three pies and I made the cloverleaf rolls by scratch. They turned out pretty well, I thought they ended up a little dry and they needed a little more salt in the dough but you're always more critical of yourself. We had 10 people over and it went better than I thought it might. It was actually pretty good. I should have taken more pictures. I enjoyed hanging out with the little kids and getting to know my teenage cousins a bit better. It makes me feel so old to know that I changed their diapers 15 years ago!
On Friday my mom and I went to Grass Valley for our traditional craft fair pilgrimage. We went to the one at the fairgrounds which was somewhat dissapointing. It either used to be a lot better or our tastes have changed. We went through it rather quickly then went to downtown Grass Valley to go to a fabric store my mom had been to. I got three super cool fabrics! I love the chickens!

After the fabric store we went to Nevada City for a artisan fair that I heard about over the summer. It was small so we got through it pretty quickly. There were definitely some beautiful things there. After that we went back to downtown Grass Valley to go to a couple stores we missed earlier. They were setting up for Cornish Christmas so we wanted to get out of there before it got too crowded. There is a store there called Yuba Blue, if you are ever in Grass Valley you should check it out.
The weather was perfect while we were there. It was definitely cold and it was somewhat cloudy so it felt like it should for late November. While I can't believe it's already time for Christmas I'm definitely more in the mood for it this year. Yesterday I got into the storage unit I have and pulled out the Christmas stuff! Yeay! I realized that I have a ton of stuff for a single gal! I've collected over the years and my collection has definitely grown!

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