Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally frames!

I'm slowly adding things to the wall in the living room. Well actually I'm stacking them up on the bookshelf because I'm not ready to hang anything yet. These two prints are special to me. The one of the duomo in Florence was a birthday gift from my sister last year. After being in Florence and seeing it in person I love having this reminder. The other I bought from a street artist in the Montmartre area of Paris. I've been wanting to frame them for a while now and I finally made a trip to Ikea to look for frames. I've got one more cheap print I got in Paris that I got a frame for, it just needs some sort of mat. Speaking of the mats, I didn't like the plaint cheap white ones they frames came with so I just cut mats out of scrapbook paper. That way I could have a color that was complimentary to the paintings.  I'm getting close to possibly being ready to pick a color to paint this wall, we'll see what I decide.
 Oh, and you might have noticed I changed the mat for the duomo picture from the color I originally used. It was just too intense. I like this light blue/grey better.

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