Monday, March 22, 2010

An incredibly productive weekend

I had a very productive weekend. I woke up around 7:30 on Saturday, and no, I did not set my alarm to wake up that early, I just woke up. Rather than lie there and waste away the day I got up and got going with my long list of things that needed to be done.
I amazed even myself when I looked at the clock at noon and realized I had accomplished so much already. I cleaned the whole kitchen; I had to clean out the refrigerator and cupboards so my new roommate can move in tomorrow. I finally won the battle with the tupperware cupboard and I cleaned off the top of the refrigerator and organized everything. The floor and rug are clean and it's all ready for him to move in. I ran errands, fixed things and replaced things that desperately needed replacing. Over half of my list was checked off before noon, it was great!
The other major accomplishment of the weekend was doing my taxes. I don't remember ever doing my own taxes, all on my own with no help. I've also never gotten a refund. All of that changed around 8pm on Saturday night. I did it, and I'm getting my first refund ever! I did a happy dance.
Yesterday I enjoyed the farmers market in the morning. I did some more cleaning and went to the grocery store.
I'm sitting here eating my oatmeal ahead of my normal morning schedule, so I feel like this week has been started off just right! Off to work I go.

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