Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today I went to the Petaluma Antiques fair with my mom. I was up bright and early and in Petaluma by 9:15. The weather turned out to be pretty darn warm but it was nice. I got a bit sunburned but not too badly, I managed to get sunblock on before it got too bad.
Sooooo, what did I find?

I think this was probably a laundry hamper at some point but after some cleaning up it'll be perfect to hold quilting fabrics, paper or whatever in my craft corner. I just hate it when things pile up, so this will be good for hiding the piles.

I impulse bought a couple necklaces that I hope I'll wear. They were pretty cheap but they're cute!

I've been thinking about starting a small collection of white ceramics. I'm loving the look of white vases, and chachkis against color, whether that be a wall or surface. This is my first piece, unless you count the vase I stole from my mom.

I really love these pieces. I found a vendor that had thousands of images that were taken from books, some more than 100 years old. They had everything from beautiful botanical prints, to medical stuff to childrens books and well, everything else.
I picked out two that were from the childrens section. I love them!

They are a little art deco and the words under the first one read "Today I brew, tomorrow I bake, the next day the queens child I take."
The second one says "Beauty and the Beast."
I just love the illustrations, they sort of remind me of the movie "The Labrynth." The stickers on the back say that they are guaranteed to be over 75 years old.

I don't know why this little botanical flower print spoke to me. I just like it. It's a chromolithograph and it's over 125 years old.

I got to see my mom for the first time since my parents got back from Italy and she brought me a few treasures too!

My sister sent this for me, it's a strawberry from Murano, yes, it's Murano glass! Sweet right?! I pictured my thumb with it so you could see the size.

My mom brought back an awesome present for me. Over the holidays when I was in Italy and France I looked for a new nativity scene and never found anything I liked. My mom got me this one from Asissi. It's glazed terra cotta.

Overall the day was beautiful and I had a great time hanging out with my mom. I love driving over the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home, especially on a beautiful sunny day like today. The view from the Marin side is amazing. I love looking at the city skyline and thinking about all of the history that has happened there.

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