Wednesday, April 21, 2010

With a perspective...

     I listen to KQED/NPR on the way to work. One of my favorite parts of the show in the morning is catching the "with a perspective" segment. I liked what the guy had to say today. Here is the link to either read or listen to what he had to say.
     The basis of it, or what I took away from it is this... be nice to the people who serve you. Have some humanity and you might just get better service! Be nice to those who serve you, just because you are the client doesn't necessarily mean you deserve great service.
     Today when I popped into the Bucks I remembered what I heard this morning and asked the girl at the counter how she was. She looked at me for a second and was sort of stunned into silence before she answered. I gather she doesn't often get asked that question by a stranger she is helping. I understand seeing as how I worked at the Green Giant for quite a while. People can be incredibly rude.
     I better stop before this turns into a rant about people on their cell phones who want good service...anyhow, read the article, it's short, and be nice to someone serving you today.

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emily said...

I am glad that you are listening to things that make you think of things in a new way. NPR is great- i miss it