Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love Sunset Magazine! I've been reading it for years and years. I used to love flipping through it when I would visit my grandma, it was always on her coffee table.  For the last several years I've wanted to go to the Sunset Celebration Weekend at their headquarters in Menlo Park. Every year I manage to have something else on the calendar before I realize what weekend it is. Well this year I'm on the ball and I plan on going. If anyone would like to join me, you are more than welcome to, it's June 5-6.
I sometimes wish I could live the life that Sunset creates in it's pages. Beautiful homes, fresh and lovely gardens, awesome vacations and as of late green living articles grace their pages. I wish I could just pop through the pages and be there. I guess the next best thing is to head to their headquarters to experience it!
Check out their website for details.
Oh man, it looks like it's gonna be really cool! I can't wait to go! Definitely check out their website to see all the cool activities available during the celebration!

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