Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Organic vs. non organic produce

Good morning! I have work to get to but I wanted to share this real quick. It's a little cheat sheet you can print and keep in your wallet to guide you when buying produce. It of course doesn't cover everything but it can give a good idea of what is safe and what isn't. Basically, if you look at it, a lot of the things that you should buy organic have a peel or skin that you eat rather than taking it off and eating the inside only. It's not full proof but it's a start! Also things that are really popular when they are in season, such as strawberries should be bought organic if you can.
A couple days ago a co-worker asked me if it was better to buy an organic strawberry that was from southern California or a non organic one from more local. Both options were from the same store. It's a personal call, but I wouldn't have bought either from that store. I would have waited and bought them from the farmers market where you can reasonably assume they are local and you can buy the ones that are organic.

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emily said...

you have so been on kithn.com...I have seen all of these things