Monday, June 21, 2010

A confusion of emotions

How is it already the 21st of June? Of all the months I would rather go really slow, this is one of them. My job ends in a week and a half. Amazingly, I like the position I'm in. It's just accounts payable which by defenition should be boring, but it's not so bad. It's really the people that work here that make it so awesome. I'm lucky and get to work with friends I've had since before I started here. They actually got me the job. I've made new friends too and I'll be sad to not see them every day. 
I still haven't found a roommate, keep your fingers crossed that the girl I'm interviewing on Wednesday goes for it. This is a huge source of stress for me, I need to find someone to move in by the 1st of July.
The confusion of emotions is rounded out by the fact that my sister is coming home on the 30th! I'm so excited to see her and have her back in California. The nine months has flown by and I'm pretty sure she has had a wonderful time during her experience living in Italy.
The end of this month is going to converge in a conglomerate of stuff happening. My job ends, my sister comes home, and I could possibly be getting a new roommate. Have you ever wanted and not wanted a point in time so badly? If I could stretch out the rest of the month it would be good for work but then it would be longer until I see my sister.

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