Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunset Celebration

Phew, long day but much enjoyed! My mom came to visit this weekend and last night we went for a walk on the local trail and went to dinner at Santana Row. We had Mexican/Cuban food and margaritas which was nice after a hot day yesterday.

Today we got up and went to the farmer’s market then took off up the peninsula to go to the Sunset Celebration. I’ve wanted to go for years and finally put it on my calendar early enough this year to make it a priority. If you aren’t familiar with Sunset, it’s a magazine that specializes in gardening, traveling, food and home d├ęcor, and more recently in green living. I love it. The best part was that one of my best friends and her mom met us there. It was great.

My friend and I tasted a new hard cider that we both liked. It was really good. I don’t drink beer so cider is a great alternative for me. The one we tried is called Original Sin. They had a pear and an original hard cider. I’m hoping I can find it at my local Whole Foods. There were lots of vendors and we had lots of samples of food. We didn’t even have to buy lunch with all the snacking we did.

One of the really cool exhibits was the teardrop trailers. A company called Vacations in a Can rents them out fully stocked. I’d totally be up for trying that some day! I didn’t have my head on straight enough to remember to take a picture but they are pretty cool.

I went to one of the presentations at the garden stage, all about gardening in pots. I bought a Meyer lemon tree for $10 that I hope to plant this week some time and I think I’m going to take a stab at trying a tomato plant. I’m hoping it’ll work and that I get enough sun. My mom got two different blueberry bushes; I’m excited to see how my lemon and her blueberries do.

We also got lots of swag. I got a free one year subscription to Coastal Living Magazine. I can’t wait for the first one to come.

My mom and I caught the last cooking demonstration of the day. It was ok but there was a bit of humor because the lady was cooking salmon kebabs and I guess the skewers weren’t sufficiently soaked and they caught fire and totally burned up in the barbeque! It was funny.

I got a bit sunburned despite having sun block on and my feet are tired but it was a good day. I’m typing this with my feet up while I enjoy a different kind of cider. Nice end to a nice day.

Gardening in pots demo...
The Sunset chicken coop... for those of you who want to do this, I noticed that even with the coop clean, it was kind of stinky.

The test garden
I forget what these were called, but they were really cool. They were made out of recycled plastics and you could grow stuff in them!
Cooking demo where the skewers caught on fire

Swag bags and out lemon and blueberry plants

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Butterfly said...

Love the Sunset Celebration. We have gone for the last 4-5 years but didn't go this year. Lar's cousin works at the magazine. Did you paint any flower posts. We did that each year and have a collection of interesting pots in the garden. I have planted tomatoes in pots for as long as I lived in Mountain View and they did very well, just needed to remember to water everyday. Good luck with your lemon and tomatoes.