Monday, June 7, 2010

California is on the cusp of banning plastic bag use!

It still has to pass through the state senate and the governator needs to sign, which I guess he has already said he would do... but on Wednesday I'll be doing a happy dance because it's expected to pass! I am truly so excited about this. I don't know all of the hairy details just yet but I've compiled several articles you can read here, here, and here to bone up on the subject. You'll still be able to buy a bag if you've forgotten to bring one with you, but it looks as though stores will not be aloud to give away plastic bags any longer. Wooohooo!!!
So, in preparation for this here are a couple suggestions for reusable bags. Those of us that are dedicated to bringing our own bags have found that it's often hard to remember to bring them in to the store or from home. This is no longer a problem for me because I use small bags that fold up into a very small package and fit in my purse! I love them! The flip&tumble is my favorite because it has a long strap that goes over my shoulder. It comes in lots of pretty colors too! Check out the (?'s) tab on the flip&tumble website, it answers questions like what the bags are made of, how they work and what to do when you are done with yours. While you are there take a look at the produce bags they also carry! Super cool! ChicoBags are another great option. It looks like they have some great new options on their website from bags made from 95% recycled content to messenger bags and they also have the produce bags. You can even read their blog all about the reusable bag movement! How exciting! I'm really excited about all that ChicoBag has to offer these days!

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yogamama said...

The flip and tumble is what I have. :) And I love it!