Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yummy dinner!

I just had the most delicious dinner! A while back I ran across a post on apartment Therapy about breakfast for dinner. I've been wanting to buy some ramekins for a while now for various things, but mostly because they are so cute. I had the perfect excuse to buy them so I could make eggs in cocette from the breakfast for dinner post. Um, yum! You're supposed to cook them just long enough to solidify the whites and leave the yolks a little runny. I'm not much for runny eggs so I cooked mine a little longer but after eating them I can see the attraction of having the yolks a little runnier. Man, it was sooo good! You put a little cream on top before you cook them and the tops end up kind of rich and smushy.  My mom brought me some fresh green beans so I made a little salad with them and some tomatoes.
So delicious!

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