Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Havin a down day

I do my best to stay upbeat about some of the situations I find myself in, but sometimes I just can't do it. I know there are people out there in this world that have it far far worse than I do but I just need to vent about my miniscule corner of this world right now.
I'm actively looking for a job. I've even had an interview which is a step up from not even getting responses. Getting a job would make a lot of my stress go away. The temp position I'm in now will be done just after the 4th of July. Unless things change I could be jobless as well as roommate-less at that time. Those two things are a huge source of stress. I've interviewed a number of great potential roommates and I've hoped that one of them would say yes, but they all find something else or decide to wait. It's incredibly frustrating. I will be out half of the rent for the month of June if I don't find someone by the 15th and if I don't find someone by the first of July I'm really going to panic.
When I start to get down about those two things other stresses and dissapointments start creeping in. The "no man" frustration usually site below the surface enough that I don't notice it, but when other things start to irritate me it surfaces. I'd really like to meet someone (special) but it's just not happenin.
What pushed me over the edge today? Another email from a potential roommate saying they found something else. I really liked this girl and had high hopes.  I'll hopefully be fine tomorrow, but today is tough. My defenses are down and the sadness and frustration creeps in.


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Ozgirl said...

I just wanted to say I am sorry you are feeling down and that you are not alone. I know from this blog that you have a lot of fabulous friends and family.

I also relate very much to everything you have said here and have gone through the similar situations. Home work and love life!