Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree... oh wait, it's still August!

No, you aren't crazy, yes these are Christmas fabrics. I am already starting to think of Christmas crafts. I'm hoping to participate in the craft fair I've done for the past two years again. I've got several ideas, I can't wait to start working on them!

I love this one! It's like the cartoon of Christmas on Mad Men!

I love the colors of this one, it's fun and funky! It makes me think of Whoville!
Obviously I like the combination of pink along in with the traditional green and red. If you remember my table runner from last year it shouldn't be a surprise! (Teresa- I've got some fabrics set aside for you if you still want a table runner like the one I made last year)

The last pic is of some fabrics that I just really liked, I had to add them to my stash! they scream summer to me!


snoopygirl said...

Yes, I would still love a table runner. If you have seen any gingerbread fabric, I would love it out of that. If not then I still really like the other fabric as well! Thanks for thinking of me!

snoopygirl said...

Yes I would still love a table runner. I was wondering if you have seen any gingerbread fabrics. I would love a table runner out of that. If not, I still really liked the other fabric too. Just let me know how much I will owe you. Thanks for thinking of me!