Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's grape season!

Aren't they beautiful?! In all their dirty, straight from the vine glory! It's grape season!
You can get grapes from the grocery store pretty much year round but now is the beginning of the actual season here in Northern California. I'm sure the Napa Valley is getting ready for harvest here in the next month or so as well. These are from my local farmers market, I was just there this morning.
I do try to eat things that are in season, that way I know it's more likely to be local produce rather than something shipped here from Chile. As much as I like grapes in my chicken salad, I've gotten away from eating it that way if it's not the right time of year.  I was excited to taste one of these this morning at the farmers market and I bought some straight away.
What is the point of this post you ask? Well, I'd like to plant the seed in your brain of eating things that are in season and local, I promise you they taste better too! If you don't currently have or go to a farmers market, I urge you to check one out. Not only are they great for flowers, and fruits and veggies, you can usually do some pretty good people watching too.

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