Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bacon frying and the farmers market

Sunday’s are bacon, egg, and pancake kind of days. However, I’ll be having a late morning breakfast of oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar. Not bad if you ask me.

I wish I was a better writer who could really tell the story of what I’ve experienced. I just got home from the farmer’s market and other than being short on cash it really was the perfect morning outing. I slept a bit later than usual and quickly finished the binding on a quilt I’m working on. I changed from my pajamas into the perfect I just rolled out of bed but look fabulous outfit for the farmers market. You know how in TV and movies post coitus the women are always wearing the perfectly rumpled men’s shirt that just happens to be the right length to cover up their naughty bits? I found that perfect shirt yesterday (sans man) at H&M and it was a bargain to boot! So I rode my bike down to the market in said awesome shirt, tank top and rolled up jeans. The weather is beautiful today and the air has the perfect fall crispness to it.

I love walking through the farmers market. There are all sorts of people, smells, and wonderful things to look at. There are usually a few musicians set up as well. Sometimes they aren’t all that good, and sometimes they are. Today the guys could actually carry a tune. I don’t often get a lot of stuff, mostly because I’m just me and can’t eat it fast enough. Today I got some delicious grapes, some gravenstein apples (I’m going to make mini apple cobblers in my super cute ramekins) and flowers. I always get flowers, they make me smile.

I popped in to a store I like and tried a few things on and hopefully someday I’ll go back and actually buy them! I think I want to blog about this store; I have to work up the courage to go in and ask if it would be ok to do so and to take pictures. I really like a lot of what they carry.

I headed back down the street and decided to get a latte before heading home. It was an active decision because I rode my bike, remember? On the way home I could hear people performing their own Sunday morning rituals. Some were frying bacon and I’d like to imagine they were having pancakes and eggs too…

So now I’m sitting in my incredibly messy house sipping my soy latte and writing to you. Why? Because I was struck by the simplistic beauty of my morning and I wanted to share it. I have no music or TV on; I’m just enjoying the Sunday morning silence and the occasional sound of all too close neighbors. I can hear birds, and distant traffic, and dogs being walked. Sometimes just turning everything off and listening can be relaxing.

In our all too hectic lives we can forget to smile at and enjoy the little things. My life is faaaar from perfect but I love that I’ve learned to enjoy what I can when I can.

I’m off to cook up some oatmeal, clean up my house and work on some projects. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday too!

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Patty said...

That DOES sound like the perfect Farmer's Market outfit. :)