Thursday, December 16, 2010

A quickie...

Lately the only time I seem to find to blog is while I'm on my lunch break. Today is no exception. I was looking at Design Sponge and just had to share these after's with you. To see the before's you should visit Design Sponge here and here.
I really love re-purposed scrap wood used in interiors. Especially whole walls of it! How awesome and textural is this wall!? It's a very minimal room but doesn't it still feel cozy?
And I'm sorry, but how could you not love this wall? I'm guessing the wall treatment is chalk paint? Do you see the little soap dish and toothbrush holder? How cute!
I never wanted a brick wall, but I have one in my rental. I actually love having the juxtaposition of the different textures. Brick really can do a lot of work for you.

I have five minutes to finish eating so I'm outta  here... definitely head over to DS to see the rest of the photos...

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