Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The stash...

So, I'm off work today with nothing I have to do for the first time in months. It's heavenly. I've been wanting to organize my new "studio" bookshelf since I got it and what better way to enjoy my day off than to organize it and look at all of my fabrics?! Now, those of your who aren't sewers or quilters may look at this and say something along the lines of "holy crap, that's a lot of fabric!" But really, this is nothing compared to the fabric stashes I've seen.

The pile on the left is organized by theme. All of them are specific themes with motifs on them rather than just patterns. The pile on the right is just patterns without a recognizable motif.

I've got a good little collection of kitchen and cooking themed fabrics going. I often buy fabrics with a specific person in mind and for some reason I think of my friend Stef when I see cute things with mixers and baking stuff. Hopefully I'll actually get around to using some of it for her some day.

I have a problem with buying cute fabrics with kids in mind. I'm also noticing a theme of fabrics for boys. I just can't say no to them! I have a lot of friends having babies so my excuse is that I'll use the fabric for them. You girls need to have boys so I can use some of this!

I got these monster fabrics with my friend Teresa's kids bathroom in mind. It's monster themed...

Who can say no to cute whales?

For some reason I love vintage inspired circus prints... see more below. :)

I got this pack of fabrics at the quilt festival I went to over the summer... again, more boy fabric

Gory inspired Halloween fabrics that I didn't get around to using this year...

My small stash of Liberty fabrics...

I love these! I already have a project in mind for them and they will probably be the first to be cut into after I get everything organized!

So those are just some of my fabrics, there are more in the pattern pile but I don't want to bore you completely.  I can't wait to start using some of them! Yay! I have so many ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Liberty fabrics!
Nice stash! I wish mine were as organized!