Saturday, January 8, 2011

A beautiful morning in Santa Cruz!

Yesterday I got the chance to head over the hill to Santa Cruz and enjoy a morning of slight indulgence. I got to sit at the The Buttery and have a yummy plate of croque monsieur and a steamed hot cider. I read a magazine that I had yet to get around to and then had a muffin because I wasn't ready to leave!
It may not look like much, but it was delicious!

I didn't spend as much time at the beach as I would have liked, it was a beautiful day. I had on a jacket and scarf but took them off because it was warm enough! I had left a cold cloudy morning back in San Jose so I wasn't expecting the weather to be so nice. There was no wind and it was so quiet. I could have sat there for hours!

Part of the reason I went to the beach was so I could take more photos of my sisters quilt. Outdoor light is just so much better for getting true colors in pictures. Plus the beach is just a nicer environment to take them then my living room floor...

A couple shots of the back, the sunlight helps to be able to see the quilt lines much better.

This one inspires me to make a tent out of a quilt...

After the beach I couldn't resist a little trip to my favorite fabric store! I managed to keep myself in check and only got a few things. I'll take some pics and show you those later. All in all the little jaunt to SC was good, I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to head back home so I could go to work. It felt so good to get out and away from my every day surroundings I'll do it again soon!


jonahliza said...

croque monsieur! so jealous. hehe. i'm glad you got to take the quilt to the beach <3 the photos turned out beautiful.

Anne said...

I saw this picture on flickr in the Fresh Modern Quilt group, and thought "wow, that looks like one of the beaches around here." And then I followed your blog link and it TOTALLY WAS! :D It's funny, I just ate at Buttery for lunch! SO GOOD.

Which fabric store is your favorite around here? I've just started getting into quilting and have been learning the stores. Hart's is my current favorite, but I'm wondering if I'm missing a good one. :D

Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures, and it's great to find a blog of someone who lives somewhat nearby!

Amy said...

Thanks Anne! My favorite store is Hart's! I love it! I can't go to SC without going by there. Most of my stash is from Hart's!
Thanks for your comment!

Anne said...

I read some more of your blog, and now I'm subscribing because I love it!

I see you're into fine time you're in Santa Cruz, you should really stop by the Penny Ice Creamery. It's near Planet Fresh Burritos, if you know where that is. Penny Ice changes out their flavors fairly often, and they only have 9 out at a time. They will happily let you taste every flavor. They make all their ice cream there, with organic/fresh ingredients. It's not unusual for them to go to the farmer's market and make a new flavor the next day with those ingredients. :)

Given your tastes (well what little I know from your blog posts), I think you would really enjoy it!

Amy said...

Thanks for subscribing Anne! I will definitely have to check out Penny Ice creamery! I've only been to Marianne's so it'll be nice to try something new!