Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colonel Sanders had it wrong...

This is finger lickin' good... and heaven on a plate.

I don't often blog about food anymore. Mostly because I'm usually too damn hungry to wait and try to take good photos. I had had had to share this with you though. A little background info so my need to blog about this is clear...
You may or may not notice that I changed a little part of my header. I'd like to bring attention to the bit about things that feed my soul. Food often feeds my soul as does a day like today. It's beautiful outside, my door is open and I can hear birds chirping. Tomorrow may be a different story but I'm enjoying myself right now. I delivered some fabric to a friend and had decided to get her family some cupcakes to celebrate the first birthday of her son. When I was picking those up I saw the most cheerful pink cookie sitting on a tray. It was calling to me, it said "I'm pink and cheerful and I will make you smile!" So I got it. Best $2.50 ever spent on a cookie! It's the small things, ya know?
My friend and I were chatting about a cookbook she has been using lately and she shared a "recipe" with me that sounded so wonderfully delicious I stopped at Whole Foods to get the ingredients. I'm so glad I did because my mouth died when I took the first bite. Simple ingredients; baguette or fresh bread of your choice, smearable goat cheese, pears, balsamic vinegar and bacon is optional. I would have used the bacon but I just wanted to hurry up and eat and didn't take the time to cook it.

Heaven on a plate, I'm telling you.

You can't tell me that cookie isn't cheerful! It's so pink and happy!


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