Monday, January 10, 2011

My first Zakka project!

You may remember this post where I told you about a few books I was lusting after. I got two of them for Christmas and last night I made my first project from one of them! It actually went pretty well, and I of course learned a few lessons in the process. Loosely translated from Japanese, Zakka means "miscellaneous goods." Over the years the term has grown to be understood as an aesthetic and design style, mainly focused on household items that enhance your environment. (from I Love Patchwork)

I chose to make the utensil basket with no intentions to put utensils in it. I wanted to have it on my coffee table to put my TV clickers in.

I often forget to take pictures of the process and just show the finished project. This time I remembered and have a few pics of it being assembled.

These are the layers that go into it

This was after it had been turned inside out. I hand stitched it closed next. I definitely learned not do have the open end happen on the corners, it made closing it a bit more difficult and messy.


This was a fun and quick project! I managed to do it in one evening and had I stayed focused on it, it could have only taken me an hour, maybe hour and a half.

Happy sewing!

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Butterfly said...

Love how it turned out and perfect for the remotes!