Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do you love terrariums like I do?

When I went to the Sunset celebration in Menlo Park I came across a booth for a company called ACME Party Box Company. I was really impressed and though I don't ever have the occasion to purchase something like their party boxes I still get emails from them on occasion.
I was a little geeked out happy to get the one in my inbox this morning, it's for a workshop, and not just any workshop, it's for learning how to make a terrarium! Now, I've made a terrarium before and when I think of making one again on my own I sort of cringe. You have to collect all of the stuff for it and when you only need like a cup and a half of dirt and the charcoal that goes in the bottom it can be a bit of a turnoff when you have to buy a big ol' bag of the stuff. What better way to get to make one than at a workshop where everything is provided for you! It takes place on January 29th from 2-3pm at their Palo Alto store. I didn't even know they had a store! And not only that, it's in the same shopping center as the Paper Source in PA. I was there a couple months ago and I certainly would have gone in to check it out had I known they were there!  

The party boxes they sell are really nice, a bit out of my budget and maybe yours but they are in the right area for sure. I'm sure a bunch of bay area families have already used them for their parties.

These are just a couple of the themes they offer for kids and for adults...

This is their circus themed kids party

This is the woodland party theme, it's so cute!

This is one of their adult party themes. This one is called blooming lotus.

You should definitely check out their website, if for nothing else than to look at some pretty pictures of beautiful table settings and creative party themes. Want to sign up for their terrarium workshop, go here!

ETA: I am so excited! I let the folks at ACME know that I had written about them this morning and they were so nice to write me back. I really apprecite them taking the time to do that, and to invite me to join the terrarium class on the 29th! I can't wait! I will report back here with pictures!

All images are from the ACME Party Box website.

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Molly said...

So cool. I've never heard of them, but I'm checking them out.