Sunday, February 6, 2011

Such a nice surprise!

I haven't said anything about this on here yet, I'm not sure why. I started a new part time job a week ago this past Friday. I'm back in the world of residential interior design, as an assistant to a woman who has her own practice. It's located in Saratoga, Ca so the area I'm in is pretty nice!
Long story short my boss has some lovely clients who I've started to get to know after last week. One of them is a generous big hearted man and he sent me "welcome to the office" flowers! I haven't even met him in person yet, just talked to him on the phone. Isn't that just so sweet? It was a lovely way to start my weekend!

The flowers are beautiful, yellow roses are so cheerful! I found the greenery they were with to be a bit overpowering for their delicacy so I reworked it a bit. The above pic is the before. Sorry it's sort of a crappy picture.

When I was at the farmers market this morning I got some delicate greenery and put the flowers in a vintage ceramic pitcher I have rather than the fourteen inch high vase. I think it's so much more suited to the flowers and I'm really enjoying having them in my bright sunny window!

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Emily said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations!