Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Makerie

I have to make this quick, I have work to do but sometimes something grabs me and shakes me and I just have to share it right away.  A little blurb about the following popped up on my facebook wall, I follow Sunset magazine and it was posted by some very wise person at the magazine.

The Makerie... a retreat in a beautiful setting, doing crafty and creative things for three days! 

I straight up copied and pasted this from their website, doesn't it sound wonderful!?

I can say this journey began in pre-school where we were given endless opportunities to explore our creativity. Every child was an artist and I fell in love with making things by hand. Even now, when I sit by a fire with my knitting needles or illustrate a tiny lunch note for my two small children, I enter another world. A place where all is calm, the ‘to do’ lists and worries melt away, and I feel peaceful. Using my hands to make something reminds me to slow down and simplify, gives me a sense of purpose and a way to express a bit of who I am. A professional artist I am not, nor am I a majorly skilled crafter or design degree holder, but am simply someone who has a deep love for all things creative. I want the Makerie to be a place full of warmth, a space where you will be inspired and encouraged, a spectacular setting to play. I have always been a dreamer, and hold the utmost admiration for people who follow their dreams. I’m learning that anything is possible if you follow your heart. There is always a way. Creating the Makerie is a dream come true for me and if I can, in any way, inspire you to go after your dreams too, than this is what the Makerie is all about.

The dates are already listed for next year, I'd love to go! I can dream, right!
If you are a creative and/or crafty soul like me, check it out!


yogamama said...

I want to go here

Amy said...

Mom, we should go! You and me and Em, that would be so much fun!