Thursday, June 16, 2011

My happy place, a studio tour

I got to spend some time in my "studio" today. My sister just told me she thinks it's funny that I put the word studio in quotes, I guess I do that because it's not a real studio, it's really just a corner of my living room. But you know what, it is a studio to me. It's where I get crafty and creative and feel inspired. I think the white Ikea furniture keeps things light and bright, which helps because I work with a lot of colorful fabrics and papers.

This is the quilt I'm working on for myself right now. I love how the pinwheels are turning out. I'm finding out though that I'm not so good at getting them perfectly lined up, regular ol' squares are certainly easier.

I love my paper suitcases, they hold supplies as does the vintage Strawberry Shortcake tin my mom got me.

My bookshelf full of stuff. The fabrics aren't as well organized as I'd like, but oh well. My design book library is looking a little slim, I've got some of the books out and about.

On the left there is an old hamper I use to store bulky things like batting for quilts. I want to paint it a color, what do you think? I was contemplating a lovely shade of pink?

In progress things, ignore my glass of scary looking smoothie.

In progress cup cozy's

This is the bread box I got at the last antiques faire I went to. The color is so perfect! It's currently holding all of the bags I have to cart things around in.

And TA-DA, I finally hung up my yarn covered letters! I don't remember who gave me the idea but I used some of those Command sticky products. Hopefully they don't fall off and knock everything off of the shelves. Speaking of the shelves, they are currently holding a hodge podge of stuff that doesn't have any other home. A few things are waiting to be framed and other things are there because I don't want them damaged.

You can really see my scalloped paint job in these pics, it makes me happy! So anyhow, that's just a little update on my creative space, or studio... :)

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