Sunday, June 19, 2011

Put August 28th on your calendars!

I'll be participating in a craft fair at Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz, Ca. From what I gather it's not going to be a huge affair but knowing Hart's and how creative their clientele is I'm sure that what is there will be smashing! I'll be in a booth with several of my friends as I don't have the time to make enough stuff to fill a 10x10 space. It's going to be exciting! We'll have some knitted and crocheted items, paper products, maybe jewelry, and I'll be sewing a couple different things and hopefully doing some package toppers and paper products. We're all different so it'll be cool to see how our booth comes together. The craft fair will be in conjunction with a sale at the store so if you're a fabric junkie like I am you shouldn't miss it! And who wouldn't want to enjoy a beautiful day in Santa Cruz! You can go to the Buttery for breakfast, pop by the sale, and have ice cream at Penny Ice Creamery in the afternoon, it's perfect! Oh, and don't forget the beach!
And just because I don't particularly like to post without having a picture somewhere... here is a little tidbit I'm carrying around with me these days.

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Anne said...

Oooh, I'll try to stop by! :D Actually, the only reason I wouldn't stop by is because I might have a conference during that time. Fingers crossed that I'll be free!