Thursday, February 23, 2012

In my head and in my hands, what I'm working on.

Hello friends.
It's my Friday night and I'm sitting here surrounded by my projects. I have a quilt in progress, a small piece of embroidery, and today I decided to start learning how to crochet. Oh, and I have a watercolor project in mind that I have yet to start. and two pieces of furniture I want to refinish. I've been telling myself for years now that I'm not aloud to start knitting or crocheting because I already have too many hobbies that I don't have enough time for, and yarn is expeeeensive! I thought fabric was bad! Buuuut, I want a granny square afghan so darned if I'm going to wait for someone to make me one! I'll learn and make it myself! Plus I keep telling myself it's ok because I need more portable projects. It's really quite hard to bring your sewing machine on a car ride, or a plane... So, I'm sitting here after having made my first very uneven chain thinking... well, maybe I won't pick this up as quickly as I'd hoped I would! I think I thought I'd be busting out my first square tonight! Haha!
I have a quilt in progress that is actually for me! I've started the quilting and hope to make a pretty good dent in more of it this weekend.
Last weekend I went to my most favorite fabric store and bought (unplanned) quite a few fabrics to contribute to the next quilt I plan to make. This one will be for my bed, and I'll be redoing the whole room around it. These are just some of the fabrics... it's gonna be pretty wild! I really love the fifth one in from the left; the one with the purple and orange poppy-like flowers. And I love the one on the far right.
I'm contemplating a strips and bricks pattern, but I don't know, it's such a hard decision to make! This is a strips and bricks quilt I love... it's by Red Pepper Quilts.
Quilting is as much about the craft of it as it is about the quilter. I love pattern and color but at the same time I'm anal and like to be regimented. I'm thinking this would work.

So the rest of the room is being loosely planned out in Pinterest. I know I want a slate/blue wall behind my bed, and I know I want to make a headboard out of reclaimed wood. I've been saving links to tutorials on how to create whole walls with reclaimed wood, but I don't think I'll do that. My original inspiration came from an Anthropologie catalogue from over a year ago.  There was a lot of weathered wood, and rich colors like; rusty orange, orangey reds, cobalt blues and rich greens. It might have had a tinge of Moroccan or bohemian edge to it which I hope to maintain in my room design. You can check out my Pinterest board here.
These first three images are from the Anthropologie catalog.

The following images I've saved in my Pinterest file
I love the richness of this blue
Fantastic rich colors!
I died when I saw this lampshade at Anthropologie. Too bad it's $78 for just the shade... no lamp included.

Picture this as just a headboard.
Can you see it all like I can?!? I'm super excited to make this happen, but it's gonna be a while before it's all realized.

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