Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feeling the crunch?

There is an article on Apartment Therapy that really applies to the economic state of our nation. I've copied and pasted it here but if you would like to read the whole thing with links to the rest of the interviews go here.

Simple Smart Money Ideas from 4 Wiser (and Older) LadiesTime Out Chicago
Juanita Kuyat is 86, lives in Rogers Park and thinks that growing pot might be a good way to go...not for her, but perhaps for modern day moonshiners hoping to wade through the current financial waters. Her family made it though the Depression with a little help from her dad's whiskey-making in the kitchen. Her REAL advice for the rest of us? It's a simple one that is very "Apartment Therapy"...
...eat at home! That's what our blog, The Kitchn, is all about - you won't find any restaurant reviews there.
Agatha Fincher is 95 and lives in the North Center. Her advice is to take transit or walk. She says, "When I was coming up, if we had one car, we were happy. Now, these guys got to have three cars in one house! They have to stop all that. Ride the bus, ride the train. Or walk! I used to walk to Sears Roebuck on North Avenue. I’d say it’s 13 blocks from where I lived. Most of the time, I’d beat the bus."
Elizabeth Boling Smith, 91, advises that those feeling the pinch should "do the right thing, however it manifests. Don’t ever let your short-term goals interfere with your life goals. Stay down-to-earth."
Time Out Chicago has a full-on Recession Survival Guide in this weeks issue (also online) and one of our favorite features are the interviews with 4 Chicago women who remember the Great Depression and have advice to share.
When I spoke with my dad last night he reminded me of my grandma going through the great depression. It was much worse than this, but they got through.
My life has been turned upside down and around and around and upside down again. 6 months ago I never could have thought I'd be sitting here in December with ho husband, no more grandma and no job and thinking about getting a roomate. I don't even recognize my life at this point. The only constants I have are my friends and my family.
Thank God for my friends and my family, you have gotten me through a terrible time in my life and I hope will continue to help me get through the upcoming tough times.

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