Friday, December 5, 2008

Today is a crappy day

I read through the paperwork last night and have been corresponding with B via email to discuss it, a friend of mine's mom passed away yesterday due to respiratory failure from having cancer, and I'm worried about the economy and the security of my job and the industry I work in. Today sucks. This is the first time I have really gone through a tough economic time and been old enough to understand how the economy really affects me and the life I live. Now I'm alone and responsible for myself and my finances and I'm all I've got, it's a scary thought. My heart is breaking for my friend who lost her mother yesterday. It has really touched me and I just can't imagine going through what she is going through right now. She is pregnant and due next month, life just isn't fair.
I don't like being a grownup, can't I just go back to being a kid again and be oblivious to all of this adult crap?

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