Friday, February 27, 2009

The bucket list

Last night I watched "The Bucket List" and since finding out that I'll be starting work next week I've been worried that all of these things I wanted to accomplish while unemployed will go undone. I've been thinking about it and decided that the only reason I wouldn't accomplish them is if "I" don't make the effort. I had lunch with a friend today that is close to retiring and she was saying that she can't wait to retire because there are all of these things that she wants to do. I told her she should just start now because you never know how long you'll be around for.
Stop waiting for things and do it now.....what have you always wanted to do?!? You never know, all of a sudden it could be 45 years later and you might not have accomplished any of your goals...

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greenEm said...

Ooo, i want to see that movie. Yes- you shold just do what you want to do while you can- hence Italy