Friday, February 27, 2009

this Saturday is "open that bottle night"

Ok, I found this on someone else's blog but thought it was worth sharing here. I can't drink wine anymore because of acid reflux so hopefully you'll open a bottle of wine and enjoy it on my behalf. See the official OTBN website here. See more about it on NPR here.
Saturday February 28th marks the 10th anniversary of Open That Bottle night. Started by wine critics Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, this 'holiday' is a time to stop worrying about when that special occasion will come to open that perfect bottle and just open it. They caution that if you keep saving that special bottle of wine for too long, it may go bad.Mr. WB and his parents know that well. When he was born his parents bought a fantastic bottle that they promised to open when he graduated college. He graduated and they took a trip to Monterey Bay to celebrate. They opened it on the beach and lo and behold, the cork had disintegrated and the wine tasted like...pure alcohol. Super bitter and gross.Gaiter and Brecher say that if this happens to you when you open your special bottle, grab a coffee filter and use it to drain out all the particles. Then you can enjoy drinking your wine instead of picking at it.

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