Friday, February 27, 2009

It's official

I still have to take care of some paperwork but I think I will start work at my new job on Tuesday. I'm so freaked out! This job just fell into my lap literally, it's not even something I was looking for. I was prepared to be unemployed for months, maybe even a year....
I will be a designer's assistant, which does sound like a step down but I think the work will be good for me. The firm does high end residential work mostly in Palo Alto, Los Altos and some other cities along the peninsula. I would be helping the three designers that they currently have with everything from looking for products they need to meeting with clients and updating the client portion of their website. I wouldn't be doing a whole lot of actual design but I think it will provide great experience with the project management side of things which I have next to no experience with. Wow, just wow.

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