Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I have to say that it doesn't really feel much like Easter to me today. I miss going to a family function, I miss little kids running around looking for eggs, and I miss my grandparents.
I got up and went to church today which was nice. I was planning on going to the 9:45 service but was sadly awake at 7:00 this morning. I went to the 8:15 service instead. It was nice although the service didn't have as much singing as I like.
I just finished the pink frosted cookie that I showed a picture of yesterday, it was soooo good. I've had two pieces of See's candy and a piece of cake. I think I need to eat something a little more nutritious and substantial today...
As most holidays since August this one is faintly sad for me. Even as a grown up I miss getting an Easter basket, B and I used to do them for each other. He used to get me a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate caramel squares. This year I bought my own chocolate. I also miss my grandparents. I thought a lot about them at church today. I almost always saw them on Easter Sunday and most of the time it was at their house.
Em and I are going to the beach in a bit, it usually makes me feel better and get perspective on whatever is making me sad. Hopefully the weather will be nice

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