Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm so touched!

I feel silly being an adult and missing getting an Easter basket. Even though I had a nice day with my sister I'm still a little sad about things being different than they used to be. I missed really celebrating Easter with family and with B this year. A couple minutes ago my doorbell rang and my neighbor was there with an Easter "basket" for me. It was so very nice of her to do, I shut the door and started crying immediately. I guess the emotion of the day caught up with me.
Em and I went to the farmers market and then over the hill to the beach. It was super duper windy over there so we weren't able to just hang out on the beach like we would have liked. We ended up turning on a road and heading up into the hills. It was a beautiful drive and it was all green and fresh. We stopped along the side of the road and sat on a huge log and ate really good egg salad sandwiches, chips and apple. After we finished eating we headed down to the freezing cold beach and walked from one end to the other. There was a seal up on the beach that must have been sick because we were standing less that 5 feet away from it and it didn't do anything. It was sad. I wish I could have helped it. It was still a baby.
We headed back into Santa Cruz and hit up Marianne's ice cream. I had a rootbeer vanilla swirl cone. It was good! I have topped out on my sugar for the day though after a big delicious cookie this morning, two pieces of my See's candy, cake, and a cupcake my sister made for me along with the ice cream. I'll be having a salad for dinner. I have pics of our outing today but I haven't downloaded them yet. I will soon.

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