Sunday, June 28, 2009

A busy weekend!

Last night my sister had a garden dinner party. She made us gourmet hamburgers and homemade sweet potato fries! I was in charge of bringing an appetizer and my parents brought dessert. My sister made me the yummiest drink! I think it was called Saft. It was a syrup of fruits that she simmered and sweetened with sugar. She added soda water and it was delish!
This morning I hung out with my parents before they left and then Em and I escaped to the beach! I just can't believe the temperature difference between here and the beach. There was a fog layer just hanging out over the beach which kept us cool. I put sunblock on but I think I got a little bit burned. We saw dolphins and seals jumping around in the water too! I spent most of the time with my new obsession, the Twilight book series! I finished the first book in about two days of intermitent reading and I started the second book last night and am just over halfway through now. They are sooo good!!

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