Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A busy several days

Well, it's been a bit chaotic around here the last several days. Em leaves for Italy tomorrow morning. Mom was here over the weekend helping to get her packed and tie up loose ends. She went home on Sunday night and Em and I went to see Led Zepagain in Los Gatos. Monday morning I went home to Yuba to get my mom (and do laundry) and we headed back to Campbell at 8:30 at night. It was a long day.
This morning we got up bright and early and started working on getting Em packed and finishing up a lot of loose ends. After temporarily losing her euro's and one meltdown today we managed to get things to a satisfactory point before heading to In-N-Out for Em's last authentic American meal. We're doing some laundry now and will be heading over to her house to do a final run through of everything and organize the final copies of allll the documents that need to stay and go. We're all tired but I think maybe Mom is the most tired and stressed of all. She has been awesome through all of this and will probably sleep for two days after we get Em on the plane. Or maybe not until we hear that she has arrived safely in Florence.
On a much different note, today has been one year since B told me he wanted a divorce. I've been so busy all day that it didn't occur to me until this evening. I'm not sad really, I just can't believe that it's been a whole year. Next week it'll have been a year since I've seen him in person, it's already been over a year since I last saw my niece and nephew whom I used to be pretty close with. I sort of feel like this last year just flew by, or like it didn't really exist.
Anyways, I'm really tired and we still have a lot to do tonight. Hasta la Vista. Or maybe I should say Ciao!

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