Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This morning on the Today show I heard about a scam that is going around the internet. The crooks send you an email saying something like "funny pictures inside" and when you open the email and click on the link a virus is spread to your computer so that when you login to your email the hackers are able to get your screen name and password. Once they do that they start sending emails to everyone in your contacts telling them that you are stranded in some foreign country and need you to wire them money.
First of all, everyone should have good virus and spyware protection on their computer. Second, never open an email from someone or something you don't recognize. Third, if something sounds too good to be true or sounds questionable you should investigate before sending money to anyone.
I am typically very cautious and don't open emails that I question, but if in the future you get an email from me asking for money definitely let me know.

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