Wednesday, October 21, 2009

one chapter closes and another one opens

Well, I knew it was coming eventually but it seemed like it would never happen. Today when I went to my mailbox there was a lone solitary envelope in there. My divorce is finally final after waiting for months for the last paperwork to be approved.
I came home today expecting to be here just long enough to write a grocery list and ended up befuddled and not going to the grocery store at all. I simultaneously wanted to be with people and on my own. I decided to take myself out to dinner and to a movie. I went to sushi, I have missed it and it was sooo tasty! The movie was not the best choice for tonight but I wanted to see it, so oh well. I saw Where the Wild Things are. It was a bit depressing.
I'm going through a number of emotions at the moment and trying to just let them run their course so I can move on. I need to just feel the sadness, buy why I'm sad I can't understand. Today isn't any different than yesterday but a piece of paper that came in the mail has made it different. I wish I had someone here to give me a good hug and let me cry then laugh then remind me that this is all good.
Thank you to those that called me and replied on FB, I really appreciate it.
I'm off to make a big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge then watch Glee. Forcing my brain to think about something else...

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