Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm home!

Good morning everyone! I'm back in Campbell and in my own bed this morning. I got home yesterday around 2ish thanks to one of my bestest friends picking me up!
It's kind of weird being home after being gone for what felt like a long time. I was sort of at a loss for what to do when I got home so after talking to my mom for a bit I took a shower to get the airplane smell off and decided to take a nap. It was supposed to be just a nap so that I could try to get myself back to my regular sleeping schedule but I fell hard asleep and woke up on the couch at about 10 and went to bed. I woke up again this morning at about 3:30 and  have been wide awake since. I've been catching up on reading all of the blogs I enjoy and watching the news to find out what's going on locally. I think I might have to head out to the local Starbucks in a bit to get something to eat because I have no food and I'm super hungry.
My flight was pretty smooth. I said goodbye to my sister at the Florence airport at 6am yesterday and my flight to Frankfurt was uneventful. I did have to walk pretty far through the airport to get to my gate and I had to go through customs and security but the lines were not that long. I got to the gate just before they started boarding. It felt like it took forever to get home, I think we sat at the gate for about an hour before we took off and the flight took eleven or so hours. I was ready to be off the plane when we finally got to SFO!
It was an awesome trip and I'm so glad I did it! The highlight of the trip was just being with my sister and seeing how much she has grown and changed since she has been there. Beyond that my favorite things were seeing the David in Florence, walking along the Arno and climbing the hill on Christmas day in Florence, going inside Notre Dame in Paris, seeing the fabulous art in the Musee D'Orsay in Paris, and the view from the top of the Arch De Triumph, seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome and the Coloseum too.
It's a bit bittersweet to be home again. I'm happy to be back where people speak English and where things are familiar but I'm sad to have left my sister and to be done with an experience I've been preparing for for quite some time. I've definitely been bitten by the international travel bug and I can't wait to plan another trip to somewhere! I definitely want to go back to France some day and just do a whole vacation exploring that country as well as the same for Italy. I want to go to England too as well as Germany. Someday I hope to be able to say that I've explored as much of Europe as I can!

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