Monday, May 31, 2010

This weekend kept me pretty busy. I headed up to Yuba on Sunday morning and hit some traffic that slowed me down a bit but it was fine. I had NPR to keep me company. I got home and left pretty quickly to a "BBQ" at a friends house. It was nice to hang out with friends and enjoy some nice weather.
Sunday my mom and I went up to a fabric store we like in Grass Valley. The objective was to find more fabrics for the quilt we are making for my sister. We found enough and I found these way cute fabrics! I've seen the little cowboy one many times before and always said I should get some. Well I never found it again at the usual places I go and when I found it this weekend I got some!  I love the circus fabric too! I guess I have some little boy quilts in my future. My distant future anyways, I have too many other things to make first. At least it's in my stash for now.
Today we hung out at home and I cut a crapload of fabric and did laundry. Then I sat in traffic coming back to the bay area.  It was nice to get away from home with all of the drama I've had here lately. Nice to have company too.
This week is going to keep me pretty busy then this weekend mom and I are going to the Sunset celebration weekend and meeting friends there. It should be fun! Hopefully the weather is nice!

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