Monday, January 25, 2010

Some news!

I've been keeping myself pretty busy! Last week I had something great fall into my lap! I got a job! Two girlfriends of mine work at a local school district and they had an opening for a temporary position. I'll be doing accounts receivable for a couple months while the woman who normally does it is out on maternity leave. I'm just waiting for my fingerprints to come back so I'm guessing I'll actually start tomorrow. I spent my weekend doing two exciting things, first was getting a new computer. My old one was croaking along and had outrun it's useful life. I had my super computer guy come over and set it up on Saturday morning. I'm still missing one program I need but it's already soooo much better than my old one, I love it!
The second exciting thing I did was go to Sacramento to have a girls night out with my very best friends. We went to a bar in downtown Sac called Mix. I really liked it! It was tasteful and there were a lot of attractive people around our age there. The night went by so fast! They called last call for drinks and we couldn't believe it was already done! We ended up staying up until 4:00 in the morning so I'm still recovering from that.
I need to spend my day preparing for rejoining the work force. I've been unemployed for so long I have really gotten into a routine of staying home. I'm excited though for having work! 

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