Monday, March 8, 2010

Ok, so in the spirit of blogging more... a little lunch time blogging.

Yesterday I did some serious cleaning. I actually dusted, which I hate doing. Having finished the quilt I was working on I started cleaning out my crafting corner. I went through the stacks of fabric and organized them and just straightened up overall. Whenever my place is spic and span I start thinking about painting, or hanging new pictures or anything design-y.  I've been thinking about painting another wall downstairs but that is a big undertaking.  I have three different things I want to frame, all from my trip to Europe. My collage walls are somewhat bare and need some TLC. I'd love to make some cute pillows to brighten up my brown couch. I have so many projects I want to do and that is just downstairs. My bedroom is a whole other story!
I've always loved these leaning bookshelves from Pottery Barn. Just thought I'd share. I certainly don't have any room for something like this, maybe someday.

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Buttercup29 said...

You turned me on to Design Sponge - but I have a new blog for you! You will love her stuff!