Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today, Hiking at Castle Rock

I'm oh so comfy right now just hangin out on my bed in my clean room after having a shower after going hiking. It feels so good to sit down all clean and scrubbed after getting a workout in a beautiful location. For weeks now I've been itching to get outside and go hiking. I decided to go to Castle Rock State Park. It's only about a 30 minute drive, if that from Campbell. 
I was a bit nervous about going hiking my myself but lately if I want to do something it's better to do it myself then wait around for someone else to do it with me. Doing things on my own is fine but it's also the curse of singledom. I was fine while I was within the range of human voices or running into a person every once in a while on the trail but once I got farther away than most people were going I started to get a little nervous. My overactive imagination got the best of me as I was worried about being eaten by a mountain lyon and I turned back. It's probably a good thing I did because had I gone much further I would have gotten super tired. I'm not exactly in hiking shape. It felt good to use muscles I'm not used to and I'm sure I'll be super sore tomorrow but it'll be a good sore.
Ignore the spot on my lens, but above the fog you can see the other side of the Monterey Bay, those are the mountains on the other side.
Tiny picture, but can you see the climbers and their ropes?
Different view of the climbers on top of Goat Rock.
Not the best picture, I'm sweaty and tired by this point.

This is Castle Rock falls.

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emily said...

thats weird.. I know where all of those places are.