Saturday, September 18, 2010

Something adorable!

As I've mentioned before, you can sign up to do workshops at your local Paper Source. Today I participated in one. I wanted to work on my bookmaking skills and see how classes are taught so that when it comes time to teach one myself I'll have an idea of how it should go. I'm co-teaching one tomorrow, should be interesting.  So anyhow, I made the cutest album! All of these papers and supplies came from the store.

I've decided to use it to put pictures of my quilts in. I like to document what I've made. That way when I'm gone and my grandkids are looking through my stuff they can see their grandma made. My grandmother was always getting on me for not writing on the back of my photos who was who and when the picture was taken. I'm trying to make sure that I follow her suggestions.

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